PORTFOLIO . your kitchen . nx510 ⏐ nx640

A kitchen with clear lines and lots of personality.

Less is more. For maximum effect, the elegant, minimalistic kitchen is integrated into the space with an open-plan design. Bare walls, concrete galore and an interior with almost no doors create freedom and provide the necessary air to breathe.


A cupboard that is a whiz at hide and seek. Closed it looks like household furniture, open it reveals its true range of functionality. All it takes is a light tap and the retractable doors spring open. Behind them lie the oven, steamer and much more – all beautifully hidden away. The fine wood veneer exterior and harmoniously coordinated shade of lacquer on the interior have been consciously selected.


The monochrome cooking island seems to almost float on its legs. With its handleless design, it is like a minimalistic block in the room. Behind it is a tall unit with retractable doors, which stylishly conceals the other kitchen appliances and gives the room the desired peaceful feel when closed. The downdraft extractor flush-mounted in the worktop eliminates the need for an extractor hood, thereby creating more space above the island.


If you’re a hunter and collector with a penchant for beautiful things, then you can build up quite a hoard over time. In such cases, glass display units are the perfect solution. They can be used to present all of your treasures free of dust and you can retain a clear picture of what you possess. Of course, you can also just use them to store glasses and crockery for everyday use, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.