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Bar culture for the home.

With authentic ingredients. - Is there anything astray about a bar in the living room? In other words: why should things that belong together be kept apart? The next125 pocketsystem does not have a clearly defined habitat; it is at ease in any surroundings. And it fits in with any setting. When the setting requires it, the unit takes on the form, materiality and colour of the predominant style.


The bar section consists of high-quality next125 frame recess shelving and an onyx black support panel shelf. Dimmable LED lighting sets the mood. The mirrored back panel showcases precious objects, providing a sense of depth and just the right amount of grandeur.


“Beauty is the depth of the surface”, German poet Hebbel said. It might just be that the inspiration for the next 125 shelves came from this quote. In any case, they play with the senses. Fingers curiously run across the grooved fronts, eyes sweep across open and closed compartments, guided by the elegant, indirect lighting. An impressive, towering cabinet as an architectural eye-catcher that embodies spaces as well as it divides them.